About Allegro

Who: Allegro is the largest online marketplace of Poland and the 5th largest Marketplace of Europe.

What: This marketplace sells everything under the sun ranging from homeware, household goods, kitchenware, appliances, clothing and apparel, Babycare products, sports equipment and much more.

When: The brand was launched in the year 1999.

Where: The marketplace operates across Eastern Europe.

Financials: The commissions as well as the fees are subject to the goods and products and are calculated on the basis of their toll calculator.

Customer Profile: The brand has a loyal and active consumer base of 14 million and 194 million monthly visitors.

The most recent update is that in March 2018, Allegro launched its chat feature to upgrade their consumer service experience.

The most recent announcement is the partnership of the retailer with Google Home. This will now enable consumers to look for Google products and services on the Fnac website and make a purchase if they wish to.

Str Aleea Cauzasi nr 57 Sector 3 Bucharest Romania
Nábrežie slobody 795, 020 01 Púchov, Slovakia
5F 90 vetelintie Helsinki 00420 Finland