Bharat Moringa Launched in Europe by My European Shopa


Module-1- Self Fulfillment Program

  1. Submit Portfolio and Product Details / Existing WEB PORTAL to My European Shop
  2. We will do all necessary formalities and get your product listed on a vendor-dedicated EU website created by us for the entire Europe.
  3. We will list vendors’ products on our marketplace MYSHOPINEUROPE.COM.
  4. This is more of a kind of Drop shipping Model which allows vendors to ship Products in a period of 7-15 days. Since the time of delivery is mentioned in the delivery terms the buyers know in advance before ordering.
  5. Our Self-fulfilment module is different from most of the drop shippers from China. These drop-shippers do not provide support for returns & refunds which restricts European buyers from ordering. We have our identity in Europe & we guarantee refund & return which makes this module unique and gives confidence to the buyer to order.
  6. We will create a unique shop ID representing your store in the local language and currency.
  1.  Listing will be done under our VAT for payment gateway, so the vendor does not have any liability towards the Tax authorities.
  2. Price will be determined after making a cost sheet calculating the cost of the product, freight, customs duty and other actual expenses and profit margin.
  3. The product file will be uploaded on the Brand European portal under the umbrella of my European shop/name of your shop.
  4. Once the order comes you will have direct access to the order received on the vendor’s dashboard.
  5. The vendor will ship the product with our/your logistic partner, ensuring timely delivery.
  6. Your account will be linked with our portal with a unique customer ID reference number and the amount will be transferred to your account.
  7. In case of return we will keep the parcel in our warehouse free of cost and a refund will be done by our company deducted from the total remittance of the vendor.

Since the warehousing and all other infrastructure required is free and there are no other hidden costs involved, you can utilize these facilities for great client encounters and increase round-the-clock availability of stock, with a full review in a basic framework.

Local presence is an added advantage for B2Borders and wholesale buyers. Since your products and samples are physically present, buyers can analyze and buy your products right there. The local presence of products turns buyers confident about the organizational structure and quality of the product.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we assure you that all the tools and services we provide make the whole process a no-brainer to manage.

Making a foray and treading with caution? Allow us to prepare you to sell:

  • First we will educate you about European Top marketplaces and how you can sell your products with a single account across entire Europe.
  • We will assist you with a wide array of products you can sell in Europe through us (My European shop). Important is to know which categories of products are confined or require an endorsement.
  • We will give you insights on how value-added tax (VAT) works in Europe and what the regulatory requirements in Europe are.
  • We help you understand fulfillment options. You have the choice to choose between Fulfillment by My European Shop or Your own (Self-fulfillment) for your products.
  • Our full support and assistance will be provided for international fulfillment requirements, including import and Forex regulations.

All you have to do is register and start selling - One small step to skyrocketing profits

Are you prepared to grow in Europe with My European Shop?
  • Understand how our European selling account works and learn what information is needed for registration.
  • Get familiar with tools available in Europe and for international listing (which requires correct translation and effective product description). These measures help to grow your sales on European marketplaces.
  • Get acquainted with the nuances of offering your products across different marketplaces with a single seller account.

Manage your business without racking your brains

  • A stately, delightful shopping experience for European customers with timely delivery.
  • Manage client support for all kinds of queries. Local language support and local presence in the native country help in gaining the confidence of the buyer. Localization assures buyers that there will be no glitches in case of returns and refunds.
  • Start small. A few products to start with before you can take the big leap! So just send your few best products to our Indian/European warehouse center, and leave the rest to us. We will make sure that your products will be live with a BANG on a leading European portal in no time.
  • We will provide client assistance for all kinds of client questions. Our services will be available to the customer in the local language and we will provide our local address for returns or offer a refund.
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