Angeline Designer Women Bags &  Footwear Launched in Europe by My European Shop

Angeline by Angie Launched in Europe by Myeuropeanshop

What We Do

My European Shop helps you speed up the process to sell in Europe. Europe is one of the largest markets in the world and thus it becomes very important for you to identify and utilize this opportunity. Take your Indian business to Europe with My European Shop and watch it turn into a brand loved by European buyers. My European Shop’s service provider network will help you in every step that you need to take to make your business international. It starts with shooting the best and high quality pictures of your products and then marketing your brand and its products to European marketplaces. We will take care of you in every step and make your brand international in just a few easy steps.

Taxation and Compliance Solutions

We have experts in tax registrations and also compliance to tax regulations and rules. These experts will guide you through the entire process and thus you will not have any problem working while abiding by European Tax Laws. Tax Advisory always seem as a complicated matter to us and thus, we have experts in the field to help you through the process. Compliance service providers offer certification, inspection, audit, and quality assurance services to help you navigate through the export compliance requirements when selling on MES marketplaces. To make your brand journey easy, My European Shop supports you by providing guidance on the key requirements and regulations including IEC, and connects you with experts who will assist you in obtaining your documentation through the Exports Compliance dashboard.

Enhanced Brand Content

Your brand catalogue plays a key role in ensuring that your brand comes off as a high quality seller in Europe. This includes branding, content, photos and everything in between that will enhance the content strategy of your brand, attracting more and more consumers in Europe.

International Shipping

For facilitating your shipment to FMES fulfillment centers or directly to customers, International shipping providers can help you through the process right from regulatory requirements, shipping, and customs clearances.

Optimized Advertising

Advertising optimization service providers help you improve your product visibility through keyword search results, drive customers to your products and run advertising campaigns on My European Shop. In addition, providers offer guidance and assist you in growing your sales through sponsored advertisement campaigns on My European Shop.

Promote your products on various European portals by advertising

Advertising on European portals is an easy way for you to promote your listings. You place bids on relevant keywords, your ad matches the search, your ad gets displayed to shoppers.

These targeted ads can sky-rocket your sales by displaying your products to a wider audience. We have two effective advertising solutions: Sponsored Products for promoting individual listings, and Headline Search Ads to render help to the registered brand owners to rigorously promote their brand and product portfolio.

Both the solutions are well-designed to:

  • Help you boost sales
  • Assist customers in finding what they’re looking for
  • Get your products discovered
  • Control your costs and prevent it from spiralling out of control
You pay only for the clicks your ads receive. Campaign reports track your ads’ performance, so you can measure Return on Investment, and re-calibrate your bids and budget to optimize favourable results.

International Returns

Suppose you are not enrolled in FBMES when international customers return your products. In that case, International Returns providers can help you through the process of collecting these items from customers and getting them to your preferred warehouse. This list includes companies in your customers’ countries to whom your customers can send their returns. Sellers may consolidate the products returned and ship them back to you, ship them to another customer or provide another alternative.

Account Management

You can achieve the best of your performance by working with experts who specialize in launching, marketing, branding and growing your business on My European Shop.
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