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Understanding ecommerce exports: Your gateway to european marketplaces

With the growing use of ecommerce, Indian sellers are keen to understand the benefits of exporting from India via online. In this blog, explore the advantages of exports and process to sell globally from India.

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Selling online is undoubtedly a seamless option for Indian businesses, thanks to the minimal investment and end-to-end services provided by ecommerce programs. Even better is the ease of exporting through ecommerce where sellers can reach millions of customers across the globe in just a few clicks from their homes in India. Lower operating costs and higher profit margins have attracted many medium and small business enterprises (MSMEs) from India to explore the untapped potential in European marketplaces through e-commerce exports.

What is ecommerce exports?

Ecommerce exports assists sellers to directly sell to international customers in global marketplaces, allowing them to transcend beyond national boundaries and expand abroad. With ecommerce, sellers don’t have to invest in a physical setup to reach customers. Instead, they can use attractive product listing and acquire new customers internationally with ease.

A seller who was earlier catering to a limited customer base in Romania Kunal Rajput, founder of Cara Clothing, is one such seller who expanded the reach of his Garments business from Gurugram to the world with an eCommerce export program, My European Shop Global Selling. “Before joining MES European Selling with eCommerce exports, I have been successfully selling in the global markets directly,” he shares.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and growing businesses, eCommerce exports can be a very profitable model to adapt for global expansion and increased revenue. Some of the most popular brands and businesses started out small, selling just one or two products online and growing from there.

Growing exports from India

Most businesses in most countries can export their goods. Limitations arise when certain countries have laws that prohibit the export of certain items. Before opening your business to export, it’s important to research what the export laws in your country are, as well as the import laws in countries you wish to export to. As long as you plan accordingly and are willing to invest an appropriate amount of time and resources, there should be no major roadblocks in the way for most businesses.

Making eCommerce exports even easier for Indian sellers are programs like My European Shop Global Selling, which support businesses in expanding their horizons and selling across the world. Understanding the benefits of exporting via eCommerce, over 70,000 sellers are now successfully selling on My European Shop international marketplaces.

Advantages of exports through ecommerce

1. Lower set-up costs

Imagine the cost of setting up a physical store in Europe. Add to that the cost of managing the store, inventory, and marketing. With e-commerce exports, you can avoid that and expand your business with minimal investment. Setting up a physical store or warehouse abroad can be replaced with product listing on European marketplaces. This helps sellers as you save on costs incurred in installation and maintenance– think rent, repairs, store design, inventory, etc.

2. Access to multiple new marketplaces

A physical store in any given location can help sellers reach a minimum number of customers. However, one of the key benefits of exports via e-commerce is that sellers can not just expand to one but several countries from the comfort of their homes in India. Thanks to eCommerce exports.

3. Acquire a new set of consumers

Thanks to the internet, ecommerce business can directly reach their customers without any middlemen in the process. Not just domestic but a key benefit of exports via e-commerce is that sellers can expand their horizons and reach customers in Europe. With eCommerce, building relationships with the target audience is easy.

4. Easy and cost-effective marketing

With ecommerce, businesses don’t need to pay for a giant billboard or TV ad campaign to capture audience’s attention. Instead, with digital marketing tools on international marketplaces, you can tailor your brand and marketing to fit your customers’ wants and needs down to offer discounts and promotions.

5. Ease of delivery

No matter what you sell, customers want their purchases delivered intact and on time. Ecommerce export programs provide tools and solutions for logistics that help sellers like Fulfillment by My European Shop. From packing, storage, delivery, and returns, these logistic solutions provide a hassle-free experience.

How to start an ecommerce export business?

Starting an eCommerce exports business is a big step for any seller. With the right understanding and information, the process can be easy and simple. My European Shop European Selling is an eCommerce exports program that enables sellers like you to take your business from domestic borders to customers across Europe. With over 100 million customers across the globe, businesses can reach international customers in 27+ European countries.

Step 1: Research your business idea and expansion plan

Some of the first questions to ask yourself is where and what to sell. Once you’ve decided to expand your business globally, it is important to understand the regions you want to export to and the products you want to sell. What are you offering with your products? For instance, do you want to make high-quality kitchen essentials? Then people who enjoy cooking will be some of your best customers.

Step 2: Register and list your products

A major step in your export journey is registration. Registering with My European Shop European Selling is easy and simple. 

Once you’ve registered, we will list your products on the European marketplaces of your choice. Product descriptions are what customers will read to decide if your product will fit their needs. It’s important to write a thorough description telling your potential buyer everything they need to know to make an informed decision.

Step 3: Ecommerce fulfillment: storing, shipping, and returns

When you start your eCommerce exports business, We will handle shipping and returns. To keep things simple, We will provide a free Warehouse and fulfillment center free of cost space to store and ship your products. My European Shop handles packing, storing, shipping, delivery, and returns on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

An export business can be started from anywhere in India with My European Shop European Selling. Thanks to international logistics and state-of-the-art tools, starting and managing your My European Shop export business becomes hassle-free for sellers like you. All you’ve got to do is register, list, and ship.

IEC, which stands for Import-Export Code, is a 10-digit business identification number allotted to an importer or exporter by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). It is only issued based on the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of a business. IEC can be applied and registered online in a simple six-step process. The documents submitted online enable the government to check the identity of an individual or business seeking registration.


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