Woolah tea lunched in Europe by My European Shop​​

Woolah tea Launched in Europe by My european Shop

Many Brands Like Woolah Tea are Launched  By My European Shop in Europe

Who We Are

Myeuropeanshop.com is a 3PL agency that equips budding and thriving entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art infrastructure and prompt services to launch their brand with a bang!
Now you can sell your products all across Europe without going through any cumbersome process or digging deep into your pockets! My European Shop has you covered from start to finish.
We leverage our unrivaled logistics, dynamic tools, and best-in-class customer service providing you with end-to-end solutions to help you build a sustainable and thriving international business.
My European Shop believes that winning should not be exclusive to a bunch of people with resources, clout, and privileges at their disposal. Our aim is to promote products of Small and Medium-scale industries especially from India and the rest of the world to all over Europe. We offer our cumulative experience, extensive research, and unparalleled expertise to resolve the most sticky situations, while removing any obstacles for the contemporary Indian vendors who aim to list and sell their products in Europe, without having to pay through the nose.

But here is the curveball! The VAT registration process has become stringent with new European rules, alongside the expensive warehousing and accounting service, managing “Refund and Returns”. These are some of the major issues faced by Indian MSME and the reason that deters most entrepreneurs from entering the European Market. Factoring in these odds, we decided to step up, and provide all these facilities totally “Free of Cost” and give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams!

Here’s the best part! We don’t require you to make an investment, just the pictures and portfolio would suffice! We will do the rest so you can focus on flourishing your dream venture. We have custom clearance facilities on all major European ports and our own well-equipped, stately warehouses in London, Germany, Slovakia, Romania & Switzerland.

We deliver your goods right to the doorsteps of your customer providing flawless logistics support and service par excellence.

Like Amazon, our vendors do not have to go through VAT registration in the EU but we provide our VAT and Payment Gateway. 


European Compliances always seem like a complicated matter to us and thus, we have experts to take care of all certification, , and quality assurance services to help you navigate through the export compliance requirements when selling on European marketplaces. 

To make your brand journey easy, My European Shop supports you by providing guidance on the key requirements and regulations in India which includes IEC and connects you with experts who will assist you in obtaining your documentation through the Exports Compliance dashboard.


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