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How to list your products on My European Shop?

Ready to expand your business? Know more about the top exports of India and start selling on European Marketplace marketplaces.

What is listing?

To begin selling on My European Shop commercial centers, you first need to list products on My European Shop. You can either match a current product listing (if another person is now selling a similar product on My European Shop) or make another listing (assuming that you are the first or just merchant).

To list your product, you really want to have your product SKU details (for example Barcode, UPC, EAN) and at times, product data (features, model number, size, expiry date, and so forth)

How to list products on My European Shop?

My European Shop listing process is simple and basic. On the off chance that your product isn’t recorded on My European Shop, you should make another listing, so customers can track down all the applicable data about it. At the point when you list a product on any of the My European Shop’s European commercial centers, it consequently creates a MESSIN (My European Shop Standard Identification Number).

Following a couple of tips on the best way to list products on My European Shop can hugely affect the achievement of your export business. As a merchant, you can make it simple for e-customers to track down your proposals by adding distinct titles, clear images, and compact feature bullets to your products.

1. Product title

Brief portrayal of the product (approx 200 characters).

Product images

Clear photos of the product that show however much detail as could be expected. Images should be essentially 500×500 pixels in size, albeit 1000×1000 pixels is prescribed when you need your product to be seen exhaustively.


Products that change by shading, aroma, or estimate can be recorded as varieties.

List items

List items momentarily list the top product features and catch the client’s advantage.

Featured deal ("Buy Box")

The featured proposal on a detail page. Customers can either tap on “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”

Other offers

The same product sold by multiple sellers offering a different price, shipping options, etc.

Product description

The product depiction gives detailed data about the product. Advance involving watchwords that somebody searching for your product may enter in the Search field. You can give a few search terms.

How to search and match products?

To sell is as of now recorded on My European Shop worldwide commercial centers, you should simply choose the product, add the cost at which you need to sell the product, and the number of units that you need to sell. This is great for dealers who have not many products (under 50-100) to list each month.

How to list your products in bulk?

Sellers utilizing a Professional dealer account have the choice of listing their products in enormous bunches utilizing mass transferring or stock administration. To sell your products in mass (100-1,000 products), you can transfer products under two classifications – another product on My European Shop or a generally existing My European Shop product.

Need more help during listing?

Have you started listing your product, but don’t know how to proceed? Get answers about listing from one of the two options below:

Get help for common registration & listing issues

Tools to help you with listing

If you are listing your products on your own, you can always learn the process through videos and tutorials available on Seller University.

The Service Provider Network (SPN) also lets you get paid support from third-party professionals to help you list your products. The SPN not only helps you with listing but also takes care of a whole variety of seller needs.


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