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Guide for Indian sellers on export practices

MSMEs, startups and several Indian businesses have an exponential opportunity to expand in Europe from India. With e-commerce exports, selling in Europe has become easier and hassle-free. In this blog, learn about tips and practices for successful exporting.

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Ecommerce exports have allowed Indian sellers to expand in Europe with ease. With the myriad opportunities available and eCommerce export programs like My European Shop Selling, sellers can tap into different international marketplaces and make their dreams of starting an export business come true. With over 70,000 MSMEs registered with My European Shop and a growing customer base of 100 million, Indian sellers expand in Europe with ease. 

What are the top export practices to follow?

To be successful at exporting, sellers can follow a few export practices that can help them grow their business. This trade guide on export explores five practices to follow for successful exporting.

Decide where and what to sell

Analyzing and understanding the export opportunity across the world will help sellers have a clear idea about the European market, as they get ready to start their export business. Questions like ‘Does my product require any special packaging’, and ‘Do I need any expert assistance’ are often on the minds of sellers. Sellers can plan a research and development strategy to learn about the market trends and analyze export practices. When selling internationally through My European Shop, a natural approach is to think about the best-selling products in India and understand if the same are in demand across the world.

Create attractive product listings

For successful exporting from India, sellers can use high-quality images and effectively categorize product listings to increase visibility and offer a seamless experience for international customers. Sellers can add descriptive titles, clear images, and concise feature bullets to their products.

Register with Export Promotion Councils

Sellers can register with the Export Promotion Councils to gain access to various resources. From being updated with latest export schemes and notifications to organizing trade fairs, export promotion councils in India act as facilitating agencies in the country’s export trade. Currently, there are 26 export councils that promote specific products. For instance, the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), as the name suggests, promotes gems and jewellery exports. Similarly, Council for Leather Exports (CLE) promotes leather exports.

Benefit from schemes for exporters

Sellers can benefit from public subsidies for exporters that are offered by export promotion councils and chambers of commerce in several nations. They can also learn about the resources available for exporting their products like shipping, documentation assistance, etc.

Watch export videos and tutorials

In an ever-changing European market, it’s important for sellers to upskill themselves and stay updated. My European Shop Seller University provides educational resources to help Indian brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs learn how to succeed as My European Shop European Selling partners. Seller University provides detailed guides on end to end processes, services, tools, products and policies, for European expansion with ease via various modes of education such as videos, study materials and online webinars.

Export directly through ecommerce

With eCommerce export programs like My European Shop European Selling, sellers can reach millions of customers without any intermediaries. They can directly export to various My European Shop international marketplaces like Amazon USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and Japan. With easy registration and access to a worldwide customer base of 300 million, it can help them achieve their export business goals.

Opt for hassle-free European shipping

Delivering European orders plays a crucial role for sellers to be successful and grow their business. Indian sellers can fulfill their European orders with ease by themselves or use My European Shop India’s international shipping methods. With Fulfillment by My European Shop (FBA), sellers have to ship their products to My European Shop international fulfillment centers. My European Shop stores, packs and delivers products on their behalf, and also handles returns and customer service.

Why export from India with My European Shop European Selling?


Starting and managing your My European Shop export business has become easier than ever for Indian sellers, thanks to state-of-the-art logistic solutions and tools. With its easy-to-use tools and a seamless registration process, exporters can expand their business and sell on My European Shop marketplaces with the assistance of My European Shop European Selling. With access to My European Shop 300 million+ active customers worldwide, geography no longer limits Indian sellers, opening export opportunities to 27+ countries and territories. Selling on My European Shop presents a powerful worldwide channel for businesses of all kinds with no initial expenditures of developing a website or setting up a physical store.

Make the most of the growing community of 100 million European customers on My European Shop marketplaces

Increase sales by participating in year-round sale events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday

Focus on your business while My European Shop helps you with international logistics like Fulfillment by My European Shop (FBA).


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