Angaja Launched in Europe by My European Shop


Angaja Launched in Europe by My European Shop

General Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics
  1. For Indian Sellers to send off their products to Europe Framework Given by us. Since they can’t sell their products in the European market easily as it is a monogamist cycle. They can’t launch their Organization in Europe ddespite the fact that a few Nations permit to have a Stockroom and to have a prominent infrastructure is too expensive as well as complicated process. Therefore, we help our sellers sell without any complications in Europe without the hassle of going through the complications. Thus, The European Shop sells their product to the expanded market in Europe through our portal.
  2. The second website is a portal that will be used in Europe and European Purchasers can Purchase Indian Merchandise. European Clients can contact our service providers in case any of the clients face any issue with the merchandise or the products. They can be given discounts or a full refund in such situations and thus we have this portal to ensure somebody can be held accountable for the same.
Indian merchants are frantic to sell in Europe however little merchants and some don't have reach and infra to sell in Europe. Selling in Europe is muddled to take tank and afterward to get orders from Europe is truly troublesome and European purchasers just purchase from rumoured merchants and there a major fragment of some who wish to target European market we are furnishing them with this stage to sell their items in Europe.
Our saying and dream are to send off as numerous Indian brands as we can on driving European gateways. European entryways barely sell any Indian products as referenced before it's excessively convoluted for an Indian association to deal with the entire infra. We will ensure that each brand stands out enough to be noticed as we will instruct them about the European market and patterns of the products they need to send off. A full overview of how and where to send off with the opposition in Europe will likewise be informed to them. In the wake of investigating the market potential and market drifts the item will be sent off.
  1. Seller will deliver to our warehouse their first sample of a minimum order quantity so that we can decide on their business attributes as well as they can witness how our business works. This is required to build a bond of trust between the two businesses.
  2. The seller will ship the products after he has received an order from our portal and our portal will reflect the confirmed order in advance. The same amount will be transferred to the seller first and thus the order will be shipped directly to their buyer in Europe. The payment gateway for the same will be ours.
Our logistics partner sends a checklist of follow-through and quality standard to the seller and further guides the seller in packaging the product as per the required standards of European Marketplaces.
This responsibility is of our logistic partner who will be responsible for shipping the seller’s products either under his IEC in cases where a seller refuses to get an export license. If a seller agrees to get a license then along with our logistics partners we will guide a seller to receive his IEC number. But in every situation, the goods will be shipped with an IEC number, either it be of the seller or our logistics partner.
The target market of My European Shop is the European Market which is one of the most literate continents of the world and thus almost 90 percents buyers in Europe use the internet to buy products.
The market size of the online retail industry in India amounted to approximately 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. In 2020, e-commerce within Europe has kept on growing. The total worth of European e-commerce grew to 757 billion euros. This is a 10 percent growth from 690 billion euros in 2019. Thus the market in Europe is 10x bigger than in India. We currently operate in the following countries with our warehouse facilities.
  1.  Russia
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Ukraine
  5. Poland
  6. Romania
  7. Netherlands
  8. Belgium
  9. And a few others.
To Start With, We Will Target The Products Like Home Décor Handicrafts Kitchen Ware, Exclusive Garments, Leather Products And Slowly And Gradually We Will Expand The Categories.
Pricing will be decided by the vendor, we will provide him information about the European market if the list price of their article in more than similar product line available in Europe then before shipping the vendor will be informed that to sustain in the market we have to decrease our margins.
We do not charge any commission or shares on sales from our clients.
Our competitors are such as Amazon, Alibaba and other platforms that ship from India to Europe. We differ from them as these platforms are so big they cannot focus on every consumer particularly and thus the performance of the sellers differ from ours as we put the needs of our consumers first and guarantee consumer satisfaction which indeed creates a better impact of the seller’s business. Here are a few ways in which we differ from a big operator in the European market
  1. Competitor asks the vendor to export their goods till competitor warehouse- this is called FBMES shipments to a prestigious portal like competitor people trust and send them goods till their warehouse
  2. Competitor charges 25-30 percent commission – also ok as after eliminating importer and distributor Indian vendor can list and sell their products on European shop
  3. Competitor charges very high warehousing charges after paying high warehousing charges there is nothing left for Indian vendors
  4. If a little margin is left competitor does not return the goods which are sent back from the customers. Competitor policy is that goods that are returned are of defective nature and will not be returned. This policy kills the vendor
  5. Accounting charges as the vendor have to go for a vat number and to file the return at the end of the year the accruing formalities and charges are so high vendor from India does not want to go into complications and hence opt-out of My European Shop
Besides online marketing there are other distributors who are looking at European portals for new vendors listing and contacting them for distribution in a particular area. Once they see a new product is launched they try to contact the manufacturer.
Stock management is done by the accountant in each facility. The inventory management will be linked with the vendor stock management system. A report will be generated every day for the reconciliation of stock and accounts.

Once the goods are online on portal our representative in each country will advise and educate the vendor about the market.

Once the cargo starts moving a report on sales will be provided to the vendor in which we will try to submit inputs in the form of country and region-wise sales.

Target consumer report will be generated which will include all the data gender age group and market trends and behaviour enabling the vendor to understand the European market.

If you yourself want to export then it requires you to have a license.

If you do not have an export license please contact us and our agent will guide on the required procedure to obtain an export license to trade in Europe.

DGFT is the platform where you apply to obtain an export license in order to trade in Europe.

It's an easy process and within 10 days you can obtain your get an IEC code.

European buyers in context to b2c, we will target by listing our vendors products on leading European portals. The marketing of our portal will play an important role in this procedure.

B2b European buyers usually leave their query on b2b portals, we will send all links to our vendors helping them

Individual customers always log on to country-specific portals so once our vendors are listed on these portals it will be very easy for the buyer.

Through trade fairs and business meets- trade fairs in each country are the best way to find buyers. Now a days marketplaces are participating in trade fairs as they have consortium of manufactures buyers and distributors show keen interest in these gathering.

B2B buyers will be approached by help of chamber of commerce of each country and other data base available.

Country of export – logistics partners or we call them clearing and forwarding agents will arrange all

Country of import – for custom clearance in Europe we have to tie up with two companies who will not only fulfill import formatlies but logistics as well

The total value of goods vary from vendor to vendor and is also subject market prices.
An Importer -Exporter Code (IEC) is a key business identification number which mandatory for export from India or Import to India. No export or import shall be made by any person without obtaining an IEC unless specifically exempted.
  1. B2C HOME
Invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, quality certificate, in case of food items spice board certificate and plant and quarantine certificate are few of the necessary documents required for trading in the European countries.
No, you do not have to physically visit the countries to launch your brand with my European shop in Europe.

With my European shop at your aid you can easily launch your brand in Europe and target your favorable markets and customers. My European shop gives your brand all the identity and audience in 28 European countries without channels.

Most industries have local trade associations where manufacturers, retailers, and distributors can come together. This should be the first stop on your journey to find a distributing partner.

Another way to find distributing partners is to attend trade shows that target your industry. A large trade show can bring together hundreds of distributors and manufacturers under the same roof. Attending one can give you a quick idea of the distribution landscape, available options, and industry best practices.

A wholesaler is essentially the retail-facing side of a distributor. There are plenty of directories where you can find wholesalers who cover your industry. While they’re usually positioned towards retailers, they’ll be happy to hear from manufacturers wanting to work with them.

Lastly, you can always turn to social media — Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, etc. — to find distributors. Find groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or forums that cover your industry. Ask how other product creators found distributors and what their results were like.

The max payload and max gross weight of a contained is for 20 ft container its 22 tons.
Yes, you do but only for business-to-business trade.
If the vendor is in export trade then yes you do require a foreign currency account.
The warehouse hiring fees is very high in Europe but we are offering it at no cost for one year.
In the beginning it’s free of cost, later it will vary.
The invoice from each vendor will be cleared depending upon the terms and conditions. It can be weekly or monthly depending upon the sales volume.
Once a product is exported it cannot be changed. We have to take ultimate care to ensure this does not happens.

The cost of the product export sales prices will be determined on the basis and addition of:

Cost of the products + custom clearance +freight + custom duty at arrival port + vat in the importing country + logistics cost

Till the consignment reaches the customer.

The export department will support the operating cost based on the following:
  1. In case of vendor exporting himself the cost will be bearded by vendor
  2. In case vendor is not able to export the logistic partner will help and charge the vendor
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